Ukrainian armed forces claim to have liquidated 35,790 Russian soldiers since February 24

The pernicious impact of Russia’s war can now be seen in nearly every street and building across Ukraine as the fighting continues for 130 days. As conflict erupts in the east of the country, the Ukrainian armed forces, in their latest operational briefing, claimed to have eliminated at least 35,790 Russian troops since the start of the invasion on February 24. The general staff of the Ukrainian armed forces, in a press release, specified that until July 3, the defenders had “liquidated” 35,000 Russian personnel (+ 150 on the day before).

“Total enemy casualties in combat from February 24 to July 3 are approximately 35,790,” the statement said.

The statement also adds that the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed up to 1,584 tanks, 3,744 armored personnel vehicles, 801 artillery systems, 246 multiple rocket launchers and 105 anti-craft warfare systems. Apart from this, the Kyiv Defense Forces have also damaged at least 217 planes and 187 helicopters since February 24. In addition, they also destroyed more than 654 operational-tactical level drones and 144 cruise missiles.

Russia accused of holding 8 Ukrainian mayors captive

As the brutal war in Eastern Europe continues beyond 130 days, Russia has been accused of holding at least 8 Ukrainian towns and mayors captive. According to the Association of Mayors of Ukraine, eight mayors were kidnapped from their respective cities during the four-month war that began in late February. As reported by Ukrinform, the invaders occupied the settlements and villages from where the said mayors and regional chiefs were detained.

According to the statement of the association, the captured heads of state include the mayor of Kherson – Ihor Kolykhaeiv captured on June 28, the mayor of Kharkiv – Ihor Terekhov and the mayor of Zaporizhzhia – Anatolii Kurtiev. According to the report, the local officials were detained between March and July. The Association of Mayors of Ukrainian Cities called on international organizations to ensure the protection of government officials from the Russian invaders. Details of where the administrative officials are locked up are currently unknown, according to the statement. Their capture drew widespread condemnation from authorities in Kyiv and sparked allegations of war crimes against the Russian Federation.

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