Titles, Clearances & 20 Volatile Crypto Jokes

This week had a milestone for the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) – the first nation-state was officially integrated into the Bitcoin standard and started keep BTC as treasury reserve asset – Again Bitcoin still has a mountain to climb. At the same time, the crypto markets saw a significant correction which resulted in more USD 2.7 billion in liquidation in an hour. However, Bitcoin’s fundamentals remain strong despite the recent decline, analysts said, while countries like Ukraine continue to move forward towards the legalization of crypto.

During this time, Cardano (ADA) lost some of its momentum due to issues with the highly anticipated launch of smart contract functionality then lost even more momentum when the launch got even closer. Despite this it was a great week for solana (SOL) which doubled last week, while Ethereum (ETH) would have been decoupled from BTC. Additionally, Standard Chartered has revealed its $ 26,000 – Price Prediction of $ 35,000 for ETH, while also stating that BTC could reach $ 175,000 in the long run.

Ultimately, Coinbase revealed spicy details of his skirmish with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and even XRP briefly “relisted”. Mastercard doubled its crypto strategy with CipherTrace acquisition, while Robinhood introduced new cryptographic features. And although regulatory issues are still distressing crypto exchanges in South Korea, Australian banks refuse to plead guilty to allegations of “bullying” by local crypto firms.

That’s how volatile this crypto week has been – just as volatile as those mood-changing crypto jokes.


Haha (nervously laughing).

Discover the new you.

What would we do without them?

Where’s the beef?

“From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

Here we go again.

Crypto is simple. I suppose.

How to fight regulators 101.

Its good.

This time it will definitely be $ 1 million.

Source: u / BashCo / Reddit.

It looks like a promising ICO. I’m in.

There will never be enough.


Obviously a security.

Ultrasound platforms.

Reject the company, go back to the monk.

Unbank the banked.

It was all about ethereal rocks from the start.

99% of traders don’t want you to know this secret.


Have a nice weekend everyone!

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