The Belarusian School Society, which turns 100 this year, was liquidated

National Unity Day saw the authorities liquidate the Association of Belarusian Schools (TAB), reports Vice-President Tamara Matskevich.

The Belarusian Association of Belarusian Schools has existed in Belarus for 100 years, with some interruptions during Soviet times.

The Belarusian school association is a voluntary public cultural and educational organization that unites citizens to create a modern system of national education and education, as well as to promote education in the Belarusian language.

It was founded on February 22, 1921, when at the meeting of the Belarusian Central School Council in Vilnius, it was decided to found a special society, which could receive its authority and property.

Circle of the Belarusian School Association in the village of Syankovichy, Kosava district. 1928. Photo:

After some time, the charter of the organization was approved. The main activity of the organization was defined as “the development of Belarusian schools and Belarusian education in general”. According to its statutes, the Society had the right to open and manage folk schools, organize courses and provide educational, methodological and financial support.

For the first time, the Belarusian School Association was banned by the Polish authorities on December 2, 1936. It reopened on March 22, 1996 as a republican public association “Belarusian School Partnership”, which was registered by the Ministry of Justice.

In 2020-2021 alone, members of the Belarusian School Society wrote 7 helpers for teachers.

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