South Canterbury chicken farm winding up claim over $31,000

An application by MainFeeds Ltd to put Heslips Hatcheries Ltd into <a class=liquidation was filed on March 25, 2022.” style=”width:100%;display:inline-block”/>


An application by MainFeeds Ltd to put Heslips Hatcheries Ltd into liquidation was filed on March 25, 2022.

Court documents show that a Dunedin-based animal feed company has filed for liquidation of a South Canterbury chicken farming business over a $31,000 debt.

MainFeeds Limited filed the application in Timaru High Court to place Heslips Hatcheries into liquidation after it failed to comply with a legal demand for payment for chicken feed.

In the demand, filed March 25, MainFeeds claims to have served Heslip Hatcheries, which is solely owned by Fairlieman Glen Heslip, with a request to pay the debt on January 26. The company had 15 days to pay this debt, in accordance with the Companies Act 1993.

The defendant company failed or neglected to comply with the legal demand to pay the $31,862.01 by Feb. 17, according to the liquidator’s report request.

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* Company files for liquidation of Fairlie chicken farming business
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The application states that the money owed to MainFeeds is for the supply of early laying mash and chick starter mash.

On Monday, Glen Heslip said Heslip Hatcheries attempted to pay MainFeeds due, but the amount is disputed.

“I’m happy to pay what’s owed, but it’s the amount that’s in dispute,” he said.

MainFeeds is a division of Mainland Poultry, a Dunedin-based company which, in addition to the animal feed business, also markets eggs under Zeagold Foods, its website says.

Glen Heslip thought to himself

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Glen Heslip said he was “happy to pay what is owed to him”, but the amount is disputed.

MainFeeds has three directors Michael Guthrie, Murray Valentine and Jeffery Winmill, with Indus Valley Ltd its ultimate holding company.

Zeagold Nutrition managing director John McKay said he was unable to comment as the matter was before the courts.

MainFeeds lawyer Sam Wells of Gallaway Cook Allan Lawyers in Dunedin also declined to comment.

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