‘Most embarrassing moment in Scottish football history’ – Celtic’s incredible appeal as a liquidation event suddenly forgotten – Vital Celtic

Normally I couldn’t take a peek at how Ranger fans think about how Celtic works. I mean they have, and still have, a lot of issues to deal with at their own club. The fact that their fans are focused on what’s going on in Paradise rather than their own club just shows you that they can’t enjoy their first major trophy in nine years of history.

But rather than talk about their major trophy, and once again the first, this Rangers fan decided to call Go Radio football show and gives his ridiculous take on Celtic losing to Eddie Howe, “It’s getting really interesting now. It really is. Even though I’m a Rangers fan and you think I can laugh about it, it could actually be the most embarrassing moment in Scottish football history. And I’m not the one making that bigger. It was actually the most embarrassing moment in Scottish football history ”

Where to start even with this call. But let’s use the one word that will always pierce the very soul of every Ranger fan. Face-painter. Clearly, I’m kidding, but it’s obviously a liquidation, to which £ 40 for the face painter contributed.

THAT, and the events that made the old Rangers, as we knew them, ended up bowing in millions not only to small businesses and creditors, but also millions to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. .

Who is to blame for the mess at Celtic Park?




But that was just the start of the now famous “Banter Years” in which there was a lot, a lot of embarrassment that the Eddie Howe debacle didn’t approach at all, so let’s have fun on Sundays and remember – us these excellent moments that made us all laugh:

The Purchase of History by Charles Green

Pedro Bush

The Ramsden Cup

Finish behind Hearts in the Championship

Defeat down Scottish Professional League team, Stirling Albion

The Scottish Cup riot where fans defended players (training for the statues several years later)

“The same old Alloa, still cheating”

Mike Ashley buys the naming rights for £ 1.

Mike ashley

Newco spends £ 40million and takes thirteen attempts to win a trophy

I mean the list could go on, but it’s just ten pieces of their own history that are more embarrassing than Celtic failing to land a manager. Now of course we have problems and of course we have to ask the board to report on this totally chaotic season and of course I could have written about some of our own failures rather than focusing on this call, but you know what? It was done to death this weekend.

Hopefully the Celtic board redeems itself with the right manager and a generous budget to ensure this is the only opportunity a * Rangers fan can call anything Celtic does embarrassing.

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In 2009, Celtic signed Marc Antoine Fortune from which French club?





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