Construction of a new hospital in Romania supported by an EIB loan of EUR 368m

Health care for 1.9 million people living in southwestern Romania will be transformed following the construction of a new regional hospital in Craiova thanks to a 368 million EIB long-term loan EUR.

“The European Investment Bank is a key partner for healthcare investments in Romania. I welcome the latest EIB support for the modernization of hospitals and the long-term loan of EUR 368 million for the construction of the new regional hospital in Craiova. said Adrian Caciu, Minister of Finance and Governor of the European Investment Bank.

“Investing in health benefits everyone. The European Investment Bank is pleased to support the new regional hospital in Craiova with its largest-ever loan for investment in health in Romania. This new investment, reinforced by the support advisory and technical assistance provided by the European Investment Advisory Hub, follows recent EIB support for new regional hospitals in Iasi and Cluj.” said Christian Kettel Thomson, Vice President of the European Bank of ‘investment.

Support hospital investments to improve health care and access to quality medical services

Largest-ever EIB financing for hospital investment in Romania will support the construction of a new tertiary-level hospital to provide state-of-the-art care, including cancer treatment, trauma and maternal care

The new facility, which is expected to be completed by 2027, will allow for more flexible care delivery, including outpatient and short-stay care, and will utilize the latest medical best practices and standards.

Once operational, the new hospital will provide specialized healthcare to 1.9 million people living in southwestern Romania and improve access to quality medical care for 301,000 people living in Craiova.

Improve medical skills and specialized training

In addition to providing regional health care, the new hospital will also serve as a teaching hospital for the region’s only medical university and will also help strengthen medical education and improve health research.

The new hospital is expected to employ more than 3,000 full-time and part-time staff.

Project implementation using European best practices

The EIB supported the preparation of the new investment in the hospital through the European Investment Advisory Platform, JASPERS and PASSA.

EIB advisory teams worked with Romanian partners to share best practices in integrated medical care, hospital planning and staff training. EIB experts and external consultants provided the Ministry of Health with a comprehensive set of advice, facilitating the preparation of a solid investment proposal and accelerating its access to financing. EIB advisory assistance included the preparation of feasibility studies. The EIB continues to provide the Ministry of Health with day-to-day advice on project implementation and to contribute to the optimal use of EU funds.

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