Canada’s maple syrup OPEC records record harvest of 211.3 million pounds

The world may be facing shortages of most products due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and a war in Europe, but there is one product that is overflowing: maple syrup.

The world’s largest maple syrup supplier has recorded a record harvest of this gooey sweetness thanks to promising weather conditions, Quebec maple syrup producers have reported.

211.3 million pounds of syrup were harvested this spring in the French-speaking Canadian province, according to the region’s agri-food consultant Groupe Ageco.

This year’s harvest surpasses a previous record set in 2020 of 175 million pounds.

“We benefited from excellent weather conditions this spring,” said Luc Goulet, president of Les Producteurs acéricoles du Québec, in the press release on Friday.

FILE – A woman puts maple syrup on her pancakes.

Growers say they were helped by cool spring temperatures that allowed farmers to tap their trees for a longer period.

Last year, Canada’s “maple syrup OPEC” announced it was releasing about half of its strategic reserves – to the tune of 50 million pounds of maple syrup – due to a shortage. world of traditional waffle and pancake toppings.

The Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, made up of some 11,000 Canadian maple syrup producers, control about 70% of the world’s maple syrup supply, and their hold on the market has been “compared to the hold of the Organization of Petroleum Countries on oil,” according to The New Post of York.

As workers exodus from their offices to their homes, Quebec Maple Syrup Producers said they have been hit by an increase in demand due to more people cooking at home amid the pandemic, coupled with a 24% drop in production year-on-year. due to warmer spring temperatures and a shorter season.

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