Bonner County History – September 26, 2021

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Bonner County History Museum

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50 years ago

Sandpoint News Bulletin

September 26, 1971 – FULL TRAINING

Navy Seaman Apprentice Darrel Hoots, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Pederson, Rte. 2., Sandpoint, graduated from recruit training at Naval Training Center, San Diego. He graduated from SHS in 1971.



Sandpoint’s TORCH Club (Teen Organization for Retarded Children), a volunteer service group of students who work with mentally disabled children, installed new officers on Tuesday: Lynn Hofmeister, president; Mark Lyons, vice-president; Kit Kincaid, secretary; Stéphanie Cornaghey, treasurer.



The newly formed Southside Water and Sewer District will be chaired by Allen (Pinky) Cochran, with Marvin Kirking, vice-president and Ted Farmin, secretary-treasurer. The directors are Cochran, Kirking, Farmin, WL Overholser and Terry Merwin. District attorneys have been urged to contact engineering firms to obtain estimates for feasibility studies for the construction of a water and sewer system. The district encompasses the area on the south side of the Pend Oreille River along and adjacent to Lakeside Drive.



A reception in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Connie Balch’s 25th wedding anniversary was given on Saturday by Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Plaster. The gifts and flowers given to the couple included orchid necklaces from Mr. and Mrs. David Balch, who assisted the couple when they were married on September 15, 1946 in Sandpoint.

100 years ago

Northern Idaho News

Sep 26, 1921 – NEWS FROM LACLÈDE

Mr and Mrs HB Treff were called to Spokane on Wednesday to attend the funeral of their granddaughter, who died of childhood paralysis.



Since July, infantile paralysis has been epidemic in Oregon and Washington with numerous deaths. Other cases result in paralysis of one or more groups of muscles for life. Very little is known about the causative agent, but it is believed to be due to a microorganism that first causes a general infection and then localizes to the spinal cord causing muscle paralysis. It is well known that it is transmitted from person to person, but the mode of transmission is not known. Until the cold sets in, children should be kept outside, but away from public gatherings. Particular attention should be paid to their intestines and their diet. The mouth and throat, especially the teeth and tonsils, should be treated. A little precaution taken at this time can prevent serious illness or death of your child.



Ms JA Humbird narrowly missed a serious injury on Friday when a horse she was riding fell while accompanying Mr Humbird on one of his business trips through the logging camps.

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