AMERICAN CHURCH MORTGAGE CO: Submission of Matters to Securityholder Vote (Form 8-K)

Section 5.07 Submission of Matters to a Vote of Securityholders.

On June 27, 2022, American Church Mortgage Corporation (the “Company”) held its 2022 special meeting of shareholders (the “2022 Special Meeting”). At the 2022 Special Meeting, the matters to be voted on, including the number of votes cast for, against or upheld, as well as the number of brokers abstaining and not voting, for each such matter were as follows: following:

Proposal 1: APPROVE THE SALE OF SUBSTANTIALLY ALL THE ASSETS OF THE COMPANY pursuant to the Asset Sale Agreement dated May 27, 2022 between the company and OSK XII, LLC.

                 Shares Voted "FOR" Votes "AGAINST" Abstain No Votes Uncast
Approve the Sale      849,110            7,194      206,743    0       0

Proposal 2: APPROVE THE VOLUNTARY LIQUIDATION AND DISSOLUTION OF THE COMPANY pursuant to the Proposed Plan of Liquidation and Dissolution (the “Proposal for Dissolution”).

                      Shares Voted "FOR" Votes "AGAINST" Abstain No Votes Uncast
Voluntary Liquidation      850,910           53,882       1,100     0       0

Proposal 3: TO GRANT THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS AUTHORIZATION TO ADJOURN the Special Meeting, even if the quorum is reached, if necessary or appropriate at the sole discretion of the Board, including to solicit additional proxies if it there are insufficient shares present in person or by proxy voting in favor of the Sale and/or the Plan of Dissolution and the Dissolution.

            Shares Voted "FOR" Votes "AGAINST" Abstain No Votes Uncast
Adjournment      848,034           55,768       2,100     0       0

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